Bylaws, Policies and Forms


Download our Bylaws as amended in 2002.


Event Listings

Any Mosaic member in good standing may submit an event listing at any time. Please send event proposals to: . Events will be reviewed by the Program Director. All approved events will be managed via our Meetup site:

Download your Trip Sign-In Sheet in Acrobat Reader. If you are unable to do so, please contact the Program Director.

Overnight Trip Reimbursement Policy

 TCs shall be reimbursed for normal trip expenses associated with organizing a trip if these are included in the expense report, which must be submitted to the treasurer for reimbursement of trip expenses. In addition, TCs may receive a subsidy up to but not exceeding the cost of the trip subject to the following:

  • Only overnight trips are eligible.
  • There must be at least 9 people participating, including TC(s).
  • Subsidies are to be budgeted into the cost of the trip for participants. No club funds will be used for these subsidies.
  • For overnight trips with 8-19 paid participants, a subsidy will not exceed $35/night or the cost of trip for TC(s), whichever is less.
  • For overnight trips with 20 or more paid participants, the subsidy will be equal to one free trip.
  • For trips with more than one TC, the TCs receive a subsidy equal to one free trip for every 20 paid participants.
  • The subsidy/free trip is provided from the funds collected after all trip expenses are paid. If the extra funds add up to less than the subsidies described above, the subsidy will equal the extra funds remaining.
  • If TCs anticipate excess funds, they may purchase additional small items for the trip  participants (e.g., power bars). If TCs anticipate substantial excess funds, they should reimburse participants in cash during the trip.   Excess funds remaining after expense reimbursements and subsidies will be retained by Mosaic.
  • All TCs must submit a check for the same amount as participants; any subsidy/free trip will be returned in the form of a reimbursement.
  • If there is more than one TC and the above only covers a portion of the total TC trip costs, the TCs determine amongst themselves how the subsidy is to be allocated.
  • Trips that are co-sponsored by Mosaic will follow these same rules.

Keep in mind that any activity requiring an advanced deposit must be approved in advance by the board of directors. The board reviews proposals to ensure that the proposed finances are reasonable, and that the organizer is suitably prepared to handle the trip logistics.

Bicycling Safety Policy

Helmets are required for all rides.

TCs should refuse to allow anyone lacking the above-required equipment to participate.

TCs should not give maps or cue sheets to anyone lacking the above-required safety equipment.

Although TCs cannot prevent anyone from following the group on public roads, they should still make it clear to those without the required safety equipment -- as well as to the group's recognized participants -- that those without the equipment are not considered to be part of the group.

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